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I left Germany in 2005 to work on my Thesis at Florida State University and made my first web page in order to keep in touch with my friends back home. One year later, I came back to the States to work on my Ph.D. Degree. Having learned on my previous trip that many people prefer not to read blogs and due to my preference for web techniques I started my first German Podcast. It was a big surprise to find that many people were suddenly interested in my experiences abroad. Perhaps it was the format, maybe it was the topic. But to me it has always been the combination of both.

Name: Raphael Kampmann
Age: 28
Education: Carpenter/Cabinetmaker
Diplom Civil Engineer
Home Country: Germany
Home Town: Münster in Westphalia
Current Place of Residence: Tallahassee, Florida USA
Status: Ph.D.-Student
University: Florida State University
Field of study: Civil Engineering
Specialty: Material Science (Concret and Asphalt)
Music: Grönemeyer, Sophie Zelmani, Franz Ferdinand, Unplugged Stuff
Leisure activities: Podcasting, Dancing, Guitar, Traveling, Photo Shooting
Favorite Podcast: denkbloga.de ;-)
Suggestions: iTunes, Wellberry, schnitzel, Münster
(by Tina)
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