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I have decided to give podcasting a try because it is all Raphael has been talking about for the past year and I want to find out for myself what the fuss is about. I love speaking with people who are from other countries and learning about their experiences abroad, but most of all I am doing this because I fear Raphael will stop talking to me if I do not.

Name: Tina Talsma
Age: 23
Education: Undergraduate Degree in Philosophy
Double Minor in Religion and Women's Studies
Home Country: Canada
Home Town: Orono
Current Place of Residence: Tallahassee, Florida USA
Status: Ph.D.-Student
University: Florida State University
Field of study: Philosophy
Specialty: Philosophy of Religion, Action Theory
and Metaphysics
Music: AC/DC, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood
Leisure Activities: Volleyball, Camping, Movies, Scooter Riding
Favorite Podcast: denkbloga.de ;-)
Suggestions: XXX
(by Raphael)
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