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Every week a new person, every week a different country, every week a unique story.

Many people from around the world are dreaming about going abroad to experience life in a different country. Some want to go for a few weeks, others a couple of years or even longer. As much as most enjoy their time spent abroad, after a short period away from home many learn that there are things they should have taken into consideration. But how are you to know what to consider if you have never experienced life outside your country?

Everyday we meet people from around the world who left their families and friends behind, just like we did. The opportunity to interact with these individuals from various cultures gave us the idea to compile and share their experiences through our Podcast, International Sitcom. We hope that our experiences, as well as those of our guests, will be a helpful source for people who are preparing to leave their country for the first time.

We are unsure of where this will go but we are curious about the people we will meet through our interviews. One thing we do know is that we won’t be bored; but more than that, we hope you are as entertained as we expect to be.

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